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Luxury holidays in Hungary

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Luxury in Budapest 5 nights / 6 days


Every city needs an area that’s all about fashion. London has Oxford and Bond Streets; Milan has its Via Montenapoleone. Hungary’s capital has Fashion Street, in the heart of the city located on Deák Ferenc utca. This newly renovated part of the city has created an atmosphere that reflects the type of fashion brands that have moved in, which include: Karl Lagerfeld, Boss, Mexx, Tommy Hilfiger and just Cavalli, the highest ranked haute-couture and ready-to-wear fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, and many more unmentioned examples.

Hungary’s fashion and design world is in revival. Over the past few years numerous designers such as - Katti Zoób, Tamas Naray, Márta Makány and Nanushka - has designed their own brands, showrooms and concept-stores which have sprung up all over the city.

Hungary is the home of Mr. Zsolt Zólyomi, “The Nose”, and the only Hungarian perfumer. He completed his perfumery and fragrance creation studies at the Jean-Paul Guerlain founded world-renowned school for luxury cosmetics development in Versailles.
At the high-end of his fragrant projects he performs unique custom-made „haute couture” perfume creations for challenging private clients, like Sir Roger Moore, as well as fragrances for special events.

Our partners, designers, models, stylists, musicians, the only Hungarian perfumer, restaurants and limousine services or VIP Platinum airport services - are ready to provide our clients with private, tailor- made services to enjoy in privacy, away from the crowds of other customers.

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    7 NIGHTS / 8 DAYS

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