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Treatment packages in Hungary

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B2Sky Travel combines health, medical and wellness Spa with an opportunity for travel and leisure. We offer convenient cost saving treatment packages that combine first class medical, wellness or beauty treatments and surgery with a Holiday in Hungary.

In addition to the possibility of taking the comprehensive Medical treatments and Spa cure, the B2Sky Travel also offers several special curing programs focused on certain types of health problems and illnesses within a different structure it is possible for spa procedures to be undertaken consultancy with a treating doctor and may be adjusted based on the guest’s actual health condition. Such programs are prepared 5-7 days in advance provided the recommended term of cure is extended to 14 days and up to 21 days.

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On arrival, you will have a personal consultation with doctors or with one of on-site physicians to define the most effective individual treatment plan for your personal health condition. Highly experienced doctors and lifestyle specialists support and guide you through the therapies to ensure that your treatment plan gives you the best possible results. For the best results your doctor will suggest changes or modifications to your treatment based on your monitored progress.

We would like you to feel at home in Hungary. We assist you with all your travel needs - combining your any of treatment with accommodation, spa & wellness, sightseeing, tours and day programs, and other services. We offer you a completely customized holiday with specialized treatment packages in our wonderful country: in Budapest, Hévíz, Harkány, Alsópáhok (near Hévíz), Debrecen, Eger/Egerszalók, Gallyatető, Gyula, Hajdúszoboszló, Mátrafüred, Sárvár, Várgesztes and in many other Spa bath cities.

Our treatment packages are designed to promote balance, health and beauty as well as give you plenty of time for pure, luxurious relaxation.

Please contact us to book treatment packages, your spa experience.

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