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To help you explore treatment options for yourself or your loved one, we have provided the information below, so you can explore various options on your own, please read more…          

General terminology

What is health tourism?

„ All the intentional mobility related to health, where the main reason for travelling is healing (medical treatment), rehabilitation, health improvement (wellness, recreation, etc.) accompanied with tourism service.” (Source: Dictionary of Medical Sciences)

What is the difference between thermal water, healing water and mineral water?

  • Thermal water: mineral water of 30Co or higher temperature at the spring.
  • Healing water: mineral water with scientifically proved healing effect.
  • Mineral water: contains at least 1000 mg per litre of minerals or rare elements (iodine,fluoride).

Contraindications: all diseases and states in which the use and application of certain therapeutic processes or medications endangers the patient, and thus is forbidden.

Cure: therapeutic method undertaken at a spa or resort. The repeated application of natural medical treatments and medication which is scientifically recognised and experimentally proven; often complemented by other therapeutic processes.

Indications: all diseases and states in which the use and application of certain therapeutic processes or medications is allowed or necessary.

Medical Spa:  is a fantastic way to combine medical beauty procedures with traditional spa treatments in order to achieve an outcome that you’ll be absolutely delighted with.  A medi spa is a spa that has a medical program, operated under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. Medi spas mix orthodox medicine and complementary therapies in order to create the perfect treatment for you. These spas use medical treatments such as lasers, microdermabrasion, Botox, and other medical beauty procedures as well as providing traditional spa services such as facials and massages. Medi spas will consult with you to put together a customised package that meets your needs, both medically and holistically. Their goal is to help you to achieve ultimate wellness.

Medical tourism: can be defined as the process of travelling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. What really puts the word "tourism" in medical tourism concept is that people often stay in the foreign country after the medical procedure. Travellers can thus take advantage of their visit by sightseeing, taking day trips or participating in any other traditional tourism activities.

Recreation: relaxation and rejuvenation, to which entertainment facilities (sports, culture, games, etc.) should be provided in addition to the immediate cure and relaxation services.

Rehabilitation:  the restoration of the physical, mental, social, economic and employment health of those whose ability to work was impaired as a result of a disease or accident (as far as possible taking into account the disease or lasting effects of the disease).

 health tourism hungary

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